Behind The Scenes of Midnight Hour

This previous summer The Lionyls asked me to join them to capture some behind the scenes magic of their latest music video venture.  Most people don’t understand all the behind the scenes work that goes into making such a production happen. I am going to be honest - I didn’t really either. Mock Trial Productions did an outstanding job on collaborating with the Lionyls to make their vision come to light. Watching the videographers and the artists bounce ideas on each other, changing things on the spot to make it happen was a thrilling experience. 

Throughout the day we battled with moving trucks in the background, adapting to spontainous weather changes and time crunches. No challenge was enough to crush the Lionyls spirit. They maintained high energy, great dancing skills and the goal to make their vision happen - not without the help of some coffee of course. 

Below are my favourite images from the day followed by the outstanding video for Midnight Hour.

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Videography by Mock Trial Productions. Written by The Lionyls.

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